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2010 IYCA Trainer of the Year, Dave Gleason.

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Texas Tech Professor and Coach, Dr. Toby Brooks.

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Do We Really Understand the Specifics of Developmental Speed?

That’s the question.

It’s also the reason the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system was created.

I’ve written countless articles over the years.

Presented hundreds of seminars.

And while my message has been embraced by many, there are still far too many Coaches and Trainers out there who don’t understand this basic concept:

Without a Progressive System, Your Young Athletes Will NEVER Be As Fast or Agile As They Could Be.

It’s like trying to master the curriculum in Grade 8 when you’re 11 years old and by-passed Grades 4 – 7.

You simply don’t have the requisite knowledge or experience to understand and excel.

You will fail.

And you’ll fail miserably.

The precursor to sporting success (in any sport) is based on your experiences and formed habits from middle childhood… Without the correct developmental path, you will have leaks in your form, ability and knowledge…

That’s what the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system has been built to help you eliminate.

But there is another factor as well…


Seriously: Are We Hurting Young Athletes?

The answer is unfortunately, yes.

We don’t do it intentionally and we’re not trying to hurt kids… But we do.

My problem is that the lack of intent doesn’t really matter.

Because the fix is a simple one.

All you need to do is understand the importance of ‘Development Speed Training’ (which is a fancy phrase for ‘Play’).

Put away the cones, speed ladders and hurdles.

Stop ‘timing’ your young athletes and counting ‘foot contacts’.

The essence of ‘Developmental Speed Training’ is allowing your young athletes to experience movement and then teaching them through a progressive sequence how to take what they’ve learned and apply it functionally,

In one of the audios contained in the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system, Coach Robert Dos Remedios talks about what he sees at the collegiate level with athletes coming into his program.

From high school standouts to run-of-the-mill athletes, he claims they all lack the basic fundamentals… And his solution is based on getting them ‘back-to-basics’.

Nothing fancy and no gadgets.

Just a ‘re-learning’ process…



Is Sport Specific Speed Training Truly Important?

The million dollar question…

… And my answer is going to surprise you.

Yes – Sport Specific Speed Training IS important.

But likely not in the way you think it is.

It’s not about replicating drills, movements or situations within a given sport.

That’s called ‘CLOSED CHAIN’ skill.

Dave Gleason, Robert Dos Remedios and myself all discuss this topic within the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system.

What we’re after with young athletes is ‘OPEN CHAIN’ skills…

General Athletic Development that can eventually be applied to specific sports.

The reality of Sport Specific Speed Training is in the injury preventative concerns.

Do Soccer Players have increased risk of ACL injury over Baseball Players?

Do Volleyball Players incur more ankle injuries than Football Players?

Assessing the specific injury concerns within a certain sport can, will and does offer you insight on some practical needs of making speed training more individual.

But there’s also the reality of ‘Progressive Development’.

A phased system that shows you how to go from:

1. Basic

2. Complex

3. Implement Oriented

And yes…

… That progression is shown within the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system.


How Does Basketball, Soccer or Baseball Speed Training Change from 9 Years Old to 17 Years Old?

Now injuries aside, what differences in Speed Training are relevant when considering age?




Those are the common considerations.

As young athletes’ age, we make things ‘harder’ by:

1. Making them perform more sets and reps

2. Decreasing their work/rest ratio

3. Adding tubing, sleds or other forms of resistance to their drills

But are these measures correct?

Is there more we could (should) be doing?

Yes, there is.

6 – 9 years of age represents the phase of ‘Guided Discovery’.

10 – 13, ‘Learning Exploration’.

14+ is ‘Application’.

And each of these relative chronological time frames MUST include differences in exposure, teaching and complexity…

That’s why we all contributed to produce the ‘Youth Speed Training’ system…


Some of the Most Well-Known & Successful Experts Alive

Dave Gleason

Dave Gleason

2010 IYCA Trainer of the Year
Head Coach – Athletic Revolution

Developmental Speed Training & Programming

Robert dos Remedios

Robert Dos Remedios

Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning
College of the Canyons

The Essence of Agility Training




Sue Falsone

Sue Falsone

Director: Performance Physical Therapy
Core Performance Institute

Injury Considerations & Youth Speed Training




30+ Sample
Speed Training Programs


Sample Speed Training Programs

Brian Grasso
Dave Gleason

The Importance of Sport Specific Speed Training



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5 Hours of Video Instruction…

2.5 Hours of Audio Education…

30 Done-For-You Sample Programs…

YOuth Speed Training

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5 Hours of Video Instruction…

2.5 Hours of Audio Education…

30 Done-For-You Sample Programs…

YOuth Speed Training

For Only $39.95

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Pat Rigsbypat rigsby

Pat Rigsby

CEO – International Youth Conditioning Association


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